DTS Property Management provides total solution property management, property preservation, and junk removal services.

Ohio is our home and we know every inch of the state. Our beloved Brownies are the hometown team. Because everyone on our team is Buckeye born and bred, our local knowledge helps us deliver results in neighborhoods across more than 20 counties.

Our suite of affordably priced, code-compliant residential real estate solutions jettison junk, speed up turnaround time for conveyance, and provide a maximum return on investment for private and institutional investors. We also work with local non-profit agencies to preserve, restore, and renovate the community housing stock, one property at a time. 

With more than two decades of experience in the mortgage field services industry, along with servicing more than one hundred properties each month, we know how to manage the block. We focus on the right people to occupy properties using bank underwriting metrics and utilize business smart yet people-focused processes to prevent problems at the onset and minimize risk for those that do occur. And we’re a committed community leader providing safe, reliable housing services to those in need. That’s why we’re the “all-star squad” homeowners, realtors, and private real estate investors rely on, and the network contractor of choice for recognized asset management brands.