If your loved one has passed or you’re trying to provide care for a loved with a hoarding disorder, our team will give you the support you need during this difficult and stressful time.


Hoarding Disorder Cleanouts

We understand that hoarding is a disease. With deep sensitivity and without judgment we’ll help you create a safe, sanitary environment for your loved one with a hoarding disorder. We can also provide referrals for animal care and extermination to get things back on track.

We perform comprehensive Hoarding Cleanout services for

  • Animal hoarding
  • Book hoarding
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Dealing with a hoarding situation is hard enough; our process can help make it easier to manage.

Hoarding cleanout services include:

Step 1 Pre-cleanout consultation

Before tackling a hoarding cleanout, we’ll work with you to create a plan that helps put your loved one back in a safe, healthy environment. Working with your goals in mind, we’ll:

  • Meet with you to fully understand the clean-up scope
  • Present a plan of attack for your unique hoarding situation
  • Share a written estimate for the cleanout, extermination, and disposal services
  • Schedule your cleanout services

Step 2 Day of Cleanout

On the day of cleanout, our team will arrive on time with all the equipment we need to tackle the job at hand.

During the day our all-star squad of caring removal specialists will serve you by:

  • Purging kitchen contents, rotten/spoiled foods,
  • Discarding junk mail, old catalogs, newspapers, clothes that “might” be worn one day, paper files, unopened boxes, broken items, worn out cooking equipment, etc.
  • Carrying away furniture, clothing, bedding, and appliances that are no longer sanitary or safe to use due to the home’s overall condition
  • Cleaning and disinfecting from top to bottom
  • Disposing of animal feces
  • Pulling up and removing carpet, linoleum, and/or wood floors
  • Exterminating for common infestations, i.e., bugs or rodents, cockroaches, spiders

Step 3 Post-cleanout debrief

Our job isn’t done until you’re completely satisfied. At the conclusion of the day we’ll meet with you to make sure we’ve addressed all the areas of your concern.

  • Conduct a final walkthrough of the property
  • Present the final invoice for services

Estate Retirements

Saying a final farewell to Grandma, Grandad, or any family member is heart wrenching. After all the proclamations are read, the funeral is over, friends and family return to their homes, and the calls and cards stop coming, you’re left having to endure the goodbye process one more time by retiring the possessions of your loved one. We know. We’ve had to do it ourselves.

We take extraordinary care with estate retirements. The possessions left behind aren’t just junk. Each item holds memories. We’re not just removing Grandpa’s favorite chair. We’re removing the precious memories that go along with it.

Our senior most staff personally oversees Estate Retirement projects. We understand how emotionally difficult the process is. We’ll hold your hand, and even bring some tissues to help you get through it. When you’re ready, let us help you complete the farewell process.

Estate Retirement services include

  • Pre-estate retirement consultation – we’ll meet with you privately to discuss how you’d like to retire your loved one’s possessions
  • Custom cleanout plan; no two individuals are the same. We’ll create a custom cleanout plan specific to your loved one’s possessions.
  • Custom pricing proposal

Commonly retired items:

  • Accessories, books, and paintings
  • Furniture; antique furniture, recliners, etc.
  • Home health equipment; wheelchairs, walkers, bathroom aides
  • Instruments; pianos, organs, guitars, trumpets, etc.
  • Kitchen accessories and appliances; china, crystal, small appliances
  • Office equipment; old computers, filing cabinets, fax machines, telephones
  • Tools

*Because of the sensitive nature of these clean-outs, Hoarding Disorder and Estate Retirement Clean-outs require pre-scheduled appointments. Same-day service is unavailable.*